In-Depth Roadmap Analysis For Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04

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| The Hardy Heron Roadmap has over 130 new ideas that have been proposed thus
| far. I’ve examined each one of these ideas in detail, threw out the ones
| that weren’t interesting to me, wrote an explanation for each, and sorted the
| list into three categories:
| 1. User Experience,
| 2. Networking and Security,
| 3. Support


Project Proposal - (what is/was Indiana)

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| Here's the project proposal that should have been out a long while back
| (apologies, I'm happy to take the blame on this one). Before anyone gets
| too caught up in how little the proposal actually covers, I intend to
| follow up with my thoughts if and when the project alias gets created - I'd
| like that discussion to be far more focused than opensolaris-discuss has
| been.

openSUSE 10.3 Roadmap

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| openSUSE 10.3 is the next release that incorporates new features from
| both the community and Novell internal development.

Mozilla ramps up Firefox 3 schedule

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| Firefox 3, which Mozilla has said should appear in final form in the last
| quarter of the year, will feature a completely-revamped bookmarking system,
| new identity management tools and support for off-line Web applications.
| The redesigned bookmarks, dubbed Places, will debut in Alpha 5, which is
| due to roll out May 31.