Google Docs spreadsheets can kill Nokia's Mozilla browser

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| Unfortunately, you still need to re-flash the entire OS to get this version.
| There's an interesting post in this developers' blog about what to expect
| from next Nokia Tablet OS releases, code-named Chinook and its successor,
| code-named Diablo. Fortunately and according to the blog, Chinook will "come
| with a process to backup the data about the extra applications you have
| installed. Reflashing will be still needed since kernel + initfs still won’t
| be packaged, but at least users will get their extra apps back as part of the
| re installation process instead of having to manually install everything they
| had."

Who needs a CPU/RAM-greedy mobile when everything is handled by a remote
server? That's the future, also for small and light units like the Eee.
Another rave review (they don't stop coming):

ASUS Eee PC: Exclusive Inside Look!

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| The current one on sale has a Generic ASUS-customized Xandros Linux
| with “Easy” and “Standard” GUI modes that has all the essentials preloaded,
| including special draw programs similar to Paint, chat programs such as MSN
| and Skype and ICQ to name a few; and of course it has the mandatory word
| clone called AbiWord that works with Linux.

The only flaw if the use of Xandros, which pays Microsoft ransom fees, having
grouped with the Racketeering Mafia.


Asus Eee PC 701

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| As for that other famous low-cost notebook: The $188 OLPC XO laptop is a far
| more ambitious product in that its purpose is to educate children in
| developing nations. But that doesn't mean the Eee PC isn't a breakthrough in
| its own right. It brings affordable computing to everyone else, and without a
| learning curve. * *

New ASUS Eee PC gets positive feedback

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| Described by ASUSTek Computer Inc. as "revolutionary," the new Eee PC is
| supposed to "provide users with a new mobile Internet experience like never
| before," but can the diminutive 7-inch laptop live up to the hype laid down
| by its manufacturer? From all accounts, the answer to that question would be
| yes. * *

Asus Eee PC 701

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| In fact it's hard to name anything consumers will dislike. As much as the Eee
| has been headline news for its potential in the education market, we can only
| deliver a full-blooded recommendation for all.

Asustek's low-cost laptop coming to U.S., Europe

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| "We're in talks with a few governments and we have already confirmed orders
| for 1 million units next year," said Sunny Han, global marketing director.

Asus Eee PC 701 Review - Ultramobile Notebook with Linux

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| The Asus Eee PC 701 is a unique notebook solution that I think will be more
| successful in the US than many people are giving it credit for. Even though
| it might not be completely embraced here as it was in Taiwan, the features of
| it make it stand out as a great mobile computing solution. The combination
| of incredibly fast boot times, low weight and size and even a small price at
| just $300-400 will bring more attention to this Asus notebook than any
| previous one. For people on the go that need a simple computing solution,
| the Asus Eee PC 701 might be the perfect fit.