Will Microsoft follow European open source edict worldwide?

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| The Guangzhou Daily in southern China, near Hong Kong, reports the company
| has not yet agreed to fulfill the conditions of its European agreement in
| China.
| [...]
| China just recently passed an anti-trust law, the paper writes, which is not
| yet in effect, and Microsoft (China) Co. Ltd. did not tell the paper when or
| if it would release the code outside Europe.



Chinese antitrust law said to be imminent

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| Because of their products’ large market shares in China, companies like
| Microsoft, Intel, and Kodak are among those with obvious reason to be
| watching these developments closely. ¬*


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| In 2005, a unit of Shenzhen Donjin countersued, saying Intel engaged
| in monopolistic practices.


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| Specifically, Bill Gates, citing China as an example, said:
| ¬*
| ¬* "Although about 3 million computers get sold every year in China, but
| ¬* people don't pay for the software," he said. "Someday they will, though.
| ¬* As long as they are going to steal it, we want them to steal ours.
| ¬* They'll get sort of addicted, and then we'll somehow figure out how to
| ¬* collect sometime in the next decade."


Korean software firm sues Microsoft

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| According to Korean newspaper Chosun, the US software mammoth has been
| accused of causing a loss in sales revenue estimated at W30bn (US$1=W918)
| because the firm's Windows operating system comes pre-loaded with a media
| player and instant messaging. ¬*
| Seoul Central District Court confirmed yesterday that Digito was suing
| Microsoft in the US and Korea, claiming that the software giant had violated
| the Fair Trade Act since 2000. ¬*


Microsoft sued by Beijing student for privacy infringement

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| Lu argued that Microsoft had violated his legal rights by providing a formal
| contract which had to be accepted in order to proceed with the installation.