JACK Sync: A Primer For Linux Users

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| JACK's name is a recursive acronym for "JACK audio connection kit". The kit
| provides a system for freely connecting independent audio data I/O points,
| thus allowing the audio output from one JACK-savvy application to be sent to
| the audio input of any other JACK-aware client. The system supports multiple
| connections to and from any audio I/O points, and all data streams are
| synchronized to sample-accuracy.


[KDE 4] More on Raptor

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| Lately I have been researching a lot on usability and mostly the merits of
| Fitt's Law, the more I studied this law the more I believe that Raptor's
| approach to the issue is fundamentally correct.



Raptor! join the fun.

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| What is raptor? Raptor is a an amazing project i have been working in the
| last few days. It trays to be a fresh new way of finding your desktop
| applications, and interacting with its users.


KDE4 is Very Attractive

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| KDE4 will be a big step towards an enterprise software business based on free
| software. The software on the big servers is there already, the desktop is
| next. - kdedevelopers blogs


I have been playing with KDE lately.

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| You know what though? Don’t tell Gnome, but KDE seems to be a little bit
| bouncier, springier and responsive. KDE seems to let me pick and choose my
| experience just a little bit more.