Microsoft: Be afraid, be very afraid

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| Here’s a scary thought: Microsoft can take over your computer wherever you
| are, and do whatever it wants to.


Vista a 'threat' to the national security of India

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| As Mr Bombay Watcher says on his blog, Microsoft has a cosy partnership
| with the CIA, so perhaps the world should take care and caution when it
| comes time to upgrade. We're pretty certain Windows 3.1 would be a safe
| bet. He seems particularly worried about the national security of India,
| as it does, of course, have some conflicting interests with the US
| of A.

Russian expert: Terrorists may try cyberattacks

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| A Russian computer security expert predicts that terrorists could
| seek to target the country's critical infrastructure through
| electronic warfare, a strategy that could raise the stakes in
| how Russia handles computer crime.

Homeland Security sees cyberthreats on the rise

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| To test the nation's response to a cyberattack, the Department
| of Homeland Security plans to hold another major exercise,
| called Cyberstorm II, in March 2008, Garcia said. A first
| such exercise happened early last year.

Zombie botnets attack global DNS servers

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| Hackers launched a sustained attack last night against key root servers
| which form the backbone of the internet.
| Security firm Sophos said that botnets of zombie PCs bombarded the
| internet's domain name system (DNS) servers with traffic.
| "These zombie computers could have brought the web to its knees,"
| said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

Study: Billions of dollars spent on security

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| Large U.S. businesses will spend $61 billion on security by the end
| of this year, representing 7.3 percent of total IT budgets in the
| country, according to a new report from Info-Tech Research Group.

US lost $8 billion to computer crime

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| Consumer reports' latest "State of the Net" survey has revealed that
| US punters lost more than $8 billion over the last two years to
| viruses, spyware and con tricks.
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