PCIe video capture card supports Linux apps

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| Adlink Technology has introduced a PCI Express video capture card aimed at
| surveillance and machine-vision applications. The PCIe-RTV24 is said to
| capture and display four channels of video at rates up to 30fps per channel,
| and is available with Linux support.



IP camera design runs MIPS Linux

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| The "Mini-IP Camera" kit is based on Micronas's Cypher ESN7108A SoC
| (system-on-chip), and runs Linux on the SoC's MIPS core. *


"Dual stream" surveillance camera design runs Linux

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| Embedded R&D house eInfochips is offering an IP network camera
| reference design that runs Linux on a TI DaVinci RISC/DSP processor.
| The "IPNetCam" targets intelligent IP surveillance cameras, and is
| claimed to be among the first camera designs to support "dual streaming."


Tiny surveillance camera has Linux smarts

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| Nuvation is demonstrating an ultra-compact, Linux-powered,
| intelligent IP camera reference design, at the TI Developer
| Conference in Dallas this week. The engineering consultancy
| firm says its camera can encode and stream D1 (720x480) video
| over Ethernet at 30fps.


Grandeye selects 3DLABS' DMS-02 media processor for its next generation
360(degree) intelligent IP surveillance cameras

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| The DMS-02's unique performance capability enables Grandeye to
| manage all the camera's intensive graphics processing requirements
| on a single chip.
| [...]
| The device is OS independent with the first Software Development
| Kits supporting embedded Linux 2.6.


ZoneMinder Digital Surveillance Systems

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| This freely available, Linux based, open source camera monitoring
| software can easily turn a PC into a monitoring system that compares
| to a $1,500+ PC based DVR.


Set-up a Ubuntu webcam security system

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| Motion should run on most linux distributions but for this exercise
| I’m using the desktop version of Ubuntu linux.