OpenSolaris Project Indiana

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| With much anticipation by the OpenSolaris community, last night Sun had
| released their first developer preview for the binary desktop distribution
| that we have known over the past couple of months as Project Indiana. Ian
| Murdock and company are optimistic for this project that will address some of
| the existing Solaris adoption barriers when it comes to the installation,
| package management, and familiarization along with revitalizing the user
| experience.
| [...]
| While there are all these improvements to OpenSolaris, this wasn't a
| trouble-free experience. Among the issues we have encountered thus far (in

| less than 12 hours of the Indiana Preview ISO being available) include wired
| network interfaces that have been working since early Linux 2.6 kernels still
| not working "out of the box" with Network Auto Magic, USB flash drive
| problems, and EDID monitor detection of an LCD's native resolution. When it
| came to the USB flash drive problems, several flash drives we tested had
| worked "out of the box" and auto-mounted within GNOME, but for two we had run
| into "Connecting device on port 4 failed" errors.

Site admins have confirmed it's just a copy of Linux. Funny when you consider
the fact that Linux imitated UNIX (Solaris), even with Sun manuals.


Sun Updates Open Source Roadmap

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| "There's a broad perception that Sun is anti-Linux or competes with Linux,
| and that's not true," said Murdock, now chief operating systems platform
| strategist. "So to have someone with a broad Linux background come into Sun
| made sense."

Sun's 'Project Copy Linux' not a Linux copy

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| Murdock also refused to talk about Sun's FISHworks project – billed as a
| NetApp killer.
| Sun has put some of its top Solaris engineers in charge of a
| software/hardware effort meant to create a solid network attached storage
| (NAS) appliance. The company demoed this project to analysts early this year,
| although it refuses to give reporters the same honor.
| We did track down Adam Levanthal, one of the FISHworks leads and co-authors
| of DTrace, at OSCON. He revealed that the product should ship early next year
| and that it includes some special sauce above Solaris for handling storage.
| "I'm not going to talk to you about it more than that," he said, rather
| bluntly.
| Why not just slap us in the face?