MicroTCA minions connect in Munich

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| Both MTCA and ATCA define standardized, open architectures for affordable
| telecommunication hardware based on modular, off-the-shelf components
| available from multiple vendors. And, both tend to be used with Linux, since
| Linux is also an open standard delivered off-the-shelf and targeted at
| telecom applications by multiple vendors, including Red Hat, MontaVista,
| Asianux, and Wind River, most of whom provide Carrier Grade Linux
| distributions.



Linux in Telecommunications

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| On the other hand, Linux business applications for smaller telcos,
| and in the longer term for large organizations, offer freedom of
| choice in hardware that does not make a company captive of any particular
| vendor. "We are seeing a strong market response to our Linux-based
| product," said Iperia's Art Leondires. "Our customers see that the
| reliability of Linux is right up there with the reliability of other
| proprietary systems, but Linux gives our customers freedom in their
| hardware purchase decisions."


Open source telecoms partnership in KZN

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| DcData's main focus is developing, creating and implementing Linux and open
| source based end to end communication solutions. Billing itself as "Kwazulu
| Natal's leading pure Linux solution provider", it supports over 200 Linux
| servers countrywide and several based internationally. *