Red Hat VP Michael Chen: Building a Strategy for China

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| The soft-spoken Chen, 36, was recently promoted to Red Hat's vice president
| for corporate marketing. He returned to Raleigh, where he also received a
| master's degree from N.C. State University. Chen talked about the transition
| last week. An edited transcript follows.

Huge growth for Linux in the region.


Red Hat sees FY07 greater China sales up 100 pct

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| Red Hat Inc., a distributor of open-source Linux software, expects its
| sales in the greater China region to double in fiscal 2007 and grow by
| 85 percent in fiscal 2008, an executive said on Tuesday. "Our plan is to
| have 100 percent growth this year, and 85 percent growth next year,"
| Michael Chen, general manager of Red Hat China, told Reuters in an
| interview.