The OpenBSD 4.2 Release

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| This is a partial list of new features and systems included in OpenBSD 4.2.
| For a comprehensive list, see the changelog leading to 4.2.

Indiana is Out

Songbird 0.3 Is Launched!

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| Big news! Today Songbird shows some wing, shows some leg and leaps media
| players into the next era of innovation.


Software Review : Songbird -Impressive Media Player For Linux and Windows

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| In the end I can say it is one of the best looking Media players to
| look to in coming future expect Songbird to rise further and become
| popular in coming days as songbird reaches its final release.
| Songbird has a potential to do in media players what Firefox did in
| browser market.

Songbird to support Apple Fairplay, Windows Media DRM

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| Open source media player Songbird will be able to play DRM
| protected downloads from Apple's iTunes music store as well
| as from Yahoo Music Unlimited and similiar outlets using the
| Windows Media Playsforsure DRM - as long as you are using
| OS X or windows, that is.

Mozilla + iTunes + Rhapsody = Songbird *

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| Lord calls Songbird a "mashup between a Web browser and a media player,
| creating a new class of app I call a Web player." Songbird will support all
| open file formats but it will also support codecs (define) and Digital Rights
| Management (DRM) in Windows media, VLC and Quicktime. That means it can play
| the iTunes AAC file format, XviD, Ogg Vorbis and WMV files. * *

Songbird: The Firefox of Media Players

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| Firefox is not only a fine web browser, but the code it's based on
| is a standardized open-source framework that other applications can
| use take as a basis, using XUL--eXtensible user-interface language
| (pronounced ZOOL). XUL apps work across platforms and can either
| be internet-connected or standalone.
| Today we'll take a look at one of the most appealing XUL
| apps--Songbird, from Pioneers of the Inevitable, Inc, which
| claims folks who've previously worked on Winamp and Yahoo!
| Music Engine.

Songbird aims to be the Firefox of media players

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| I installed the developer preview and, although obviously not complete,
| it's a sharp tool. I'd compare it to Amarok, a popular player on the
| KDE/Linux platform but, that also misses out on much of the deeper
| exploring and interacting features that are in and planned for Songbird.
| At the least, Songbird is a project on which to keep a keen eye.