Distribution Release: GoblinX 2.5 "Mini"


GNOME 2.21.1 released!

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| This is the first release of the GNOME 2.21.x series. This opens
| the development cycle for what will become the stable GNOME 2.22.x
| release. More information about new development can be found here:
| http://live.gnome.org/RoadMap



A Letter to the Gnome Foundation

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| Having Gnome team members promoting the agenda of its main opponent, however,
| is not only counter-productive but also reflects negatively on the project
| and its credibility. Â*GNOME is supporting its main Â*opponent by explicitly
| participating in the official Ecma / ISO process; by participating informally
| at the conferences; and, presumably, by participating inside of actual
| development. It seems that Gnome is becoming Microsoft’s Â*catspaw to damage
| and slow down open source and open standards. Â* Â* Â*
| [...]
| For example, one high profile team member can cause a lot of trouble for
| Gnome, especially when promoting proprietary technologies in opposition to
| open source and open standards. Quotes like, “Time to play with C#, ASP.NET
| and some nifty toys (you can make almost Windows feel like Linux now)” seem
| to be promoting themes advanced by bloggers at Gnome’s (and open standards’)
| main antagonist, Microsoft. Â* Â*


Microsoft's Open-Source Trap for Mono

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| If you do, you're nibbling on the cheese of a trap that will eventually snap
| shut on you and kill up your program and quite possibly your job and
| finances.