Kaseya Prepping Apple, Linux Support

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| Kaseya COO Tim McMullen just disclosed that the company’s managed services
| platform will soon support Apple’s Mac OS and Linux. The VAR Guy heard
| McMullen’s comment during a Webcast hosted by TechIQ a few moments ago.
| Kaseya’s commitment to Apple and Linux reinforces the fact that a small — but
| influential — piece of the SMB market has made the move to the Macintosh.


Also good news to Apple:

Fastest Vista notebook is a Mac

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| Not bad. PC World thinks now that Apple machines do not care what operating
| system they are running they are shaping up to turn into jolly nice Windows
| machines.



Seven Financial Reasons to Use Linux in the Enterprise

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| Even a discussion on religion and politics might well include mention of
| operating systems when a Linux user is in the room. The enterprise has
| quietly been adopting Linux, first on hidden-away servers but then in the
| open and even on the desktop. Ignoring ideological debates that intervene
| when the subject of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) enters the picture,
| let's cut to the chase and look at financial reasons for adopting Linux.
| After all, it all boils down to "TCO" (Total Cost of Ownership), doesn't it? * * *


Windows vs. Linux vs. OS X: CIO John Halamka Tests Ubuntu

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| As part of his ongoing effort to find a secure, stable, user-friendly
| alternative to the Windows desktop operating system, CareGroup CIO John
| Halamka got to know Ubuntu.
| [...]
| Last summer, CareGroup CIO John Halamka began looking for a viable
| alternative to the Microsoft Windows desktop operating system. After 16 years
| using Windows, he had enough of its instability and the countless updates
| that automatically installed themselves on his computer--often at inopportune
| times, like when he was in the middle of a presentation. As CIO of a

| health-care organization and affiliated medical school with 40,000 employees
| and 9 million patient records, Halamka has to be sure that the computers in
| the hospital, its administrative offices and medical school are secure,
| stable and easy to use...


Open Source: What Companies Are Deploying Now

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| Small and mid-size companies have embraced Linux. Now they are taking
| up an even broader array of open source technologies.