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> The great desktop switch: From Windows to Linux
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> FAA May Ditch Microsoft's Windows Vista And Office For Google And Linux Combo
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> | Bowen said he's in talks with the aviation safety agency's main
> | hardware supplier, Dell Computer, to determine if it could
> | deliver Linux-based computers capable of accessing Google
> | Apps through a non-Microsoft browser once the FAA's XP-based
> | computers pass their shelf life.
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| Like the Department of Transportation, the FAA -- technically under
DOT but managed separately -- has its own moratorium in place on
upgrades to Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 7, and Microsoft Office
2007. Among other things, Bowen said the FAA's copies of IBM (NYSE:
IBM)'s Lotus Notes software don't work properly on test PCs running
Windows Vista.

Microsoft is at it again. Another attempt to sabotage competitors by
releasing a new OS designed to "Break" a competitor's product.
Actually this is only one of MANY competitor products Vista has

One could argue that it wasn't Sabotage, it was Negligence - failure
to test properly with third party software used by clients. In other
court cases, exhibits were discovered that included e-mails and memos
between top executives discussing the deliberate sabotage of
competitor products. I suppose that Microsoft will be much more
careful to clean up those e-mails.

If I want to use the newest version of Notes, I have no problem
getting that to run on Linux or XP, if Vista wants to be a pain, the
FAA and DOT won't be the only organizations issuing moratoriums
against upgrades.

Many companies have issued warnings that Vista won't be supported,
others have issued moratoriums, others have even declared that it is
against company policy, and others have decided that Vista is an
Exception - meaning that you have to go through a long and involved
review process to prove that you must have Vista and that no other
alternative is capable of doing what is required. Going to the board
and telling them you want to be able to play Halo III probably won't
get you the approval you want.

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