iPod Inside: Standard features of Apple MP3 players

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| iPod-Linux is free software that provides users with more than just another
| way to fill up the database: for friends of mobile gaming, for example, there
| is a Gameboy emulator called iBoy. The standard user interface for Linux is
| available in a palmtop format called podzilla. Users can then install things
| like music players, pocket calculators, calendar, file browser, picture
| viewer, painting, recording, text and video programs, as well as numerous
| games.


Breaking Open Facebook with Open Source Software (Part 2)

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| The following entry provides an open source social networking infrastructure
| inspired by my earlier post, “Breaking Open Facebook with Open Source
| Software - Part 1”.



iPod on the Outside, Linux on the Inside

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| iPod Linux runs on first, second and third generation devices. Versions for
| additional players are still under development, according to its developers.
| A functional installation routine is currently only available for Mac
| computers. Installing iPod Linux does not mean going without the familiar
| Apple firmware. * *


Liberating iPods in Cambridge

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| During the event, dubbed iRony, users were walked through the
| process of installing flexible and featureful free/open source
| software firmware -- without DRM -- onto their digital audio players.
| [...]
| Organizers set up laptops running Ubuntu GNU/Linux, Mac OS X,
| and Windows XP at the center of the room. iPod users brought
| their players to experienced users, who would determine the
| generation of the iPod and the current partition format, and
| inquire about the user's needs. Together they would decide on
| a firmware (RockBox, iPodLinux, or both) and walk through the
| process of installation. Meanwhile, others looked on to watch
| the process and learn how it was done. RockBox was installed
| on the majority of the iPods with great success.



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| Now I call it a laptop, and it technically is. *It is able to run a
| full OS (Linux). *And has full UIs.


5.5g iPods can now run Linux

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| The Linux on iPod developer blog says the 5.5g iPods can now run Linux