Cavium, Wind River partner as VxWorks gains SMP

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| Wind River already supported Cavium multiprocessors with the Linux Edition of
| its Platform for Network Equipment. Now, the long-time leading supplier of
| telecom operating systems has committed to bringing both generic and
| Cavium-specific multicore support to its venerable VxWorks RTOS.


Embedded Linux safety/security vendors team up

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| A German embedded Linux OS supplier has announced a joint marketing agreement
| with a French embedded Linux services provider


Open Mobile Alliance to Support Mobile Linux Handsets

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| The Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum says has established a formal liaison
| and framework for cooperation between the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and
| LiPS. In particular, LiPS delivers specifications and standards for services
| and user applications on Linux-based telephony platforms, and OMA develops
| open specifications for mobile content and services. Â* Â*

LiMo Foundation Announces Membership Surge

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| World’s first global mobile Linux initiative announces rapid early expansion
| of membership as powerful ecosystem begins to take shape