GamePark’s Linux-based GP2X F-200 handheld ships: Who is their competition?

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| The new GP2X F-200 has all the great features that made the F-100 so great,
| but GamePark has added some newer and better features like improved 8-way
| D-pad, SDHC support and 320 x 240 QVGA touchscreen.


New Gp2x F-200, A GP2X with d-pad and Touchscreen!

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| GPH announced the preview of our new GP2X model, the GP2X F-200. It similar
| to F100 but with d-pad and touchscreen.

US Copyright Office grants abandonware rights

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| What does this mean? Well, those retro games -- classic or otherwise --
| that you can't seem to find anywhere can now be preserved without fear
| of ramifications. Although it is still unlawful to distribute the old
| games, free or otherwise, rarely do any abandonware cases go to court.
| The ruling is more symbolic than anything, but a step in the right
| direction.