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| The operating system is a cut down version of Debian Linux, recompiled for
| the ARM architecture, complete with most of the office and communications
| software expected in a GNU/Linux system. The OS and applications are locked
| away in semi-permanent flash memory that under normal circumstances cannot be
| written to by the system.

Eee, Foleo, OLPC, ClassMate... many Linux laptops nowadays, and some say that
laptops, which needs to be light -- resource- and energy-wise -- will replace
most desktops.


Nigerian education selects Intel-powered Classmate PC with Mandriva Linux

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| Mandriva today announced that the Nigerian government has selected
| Intel-powered classmate PCs running on Mandriva Linux for educational use in
| nationwide pilot in Nigeria. Mandriva is working with Intel Corporation and
| Technology Support Center Ltd. to provide 17,000 Intel-powered classmate PC.
| The aim of this project is to improve the quality of technology delivered to
| students, and to help teachers and parents. * * *

Uruguay buys first $100 laptops

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| The first official order for the so-called "$100 laptop" has been placed by
| the government of Uruguay.

Intel's OLPC-killer heads for Vietnamese retailers

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| The "Hacao Classmate PC" is based on Intel's Classmate PC design, and will
| come pre-installed with Hacao Linux, a Vietnamese-language Linux distribution
| based on Puppy Linux.
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