In need of software reform

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| Even though they succeeded in making it run not only on Windows but on MacOSX
| and GNU/Linux, their publisher, Dreamcatcher Games, felt that the market for
| MacOSX and GNU/Linux is not worth it for them to publish the game for those
| platforms. Why did they think that? Because they were reading the press
| releases that were funded by Microsoft saying that all game purchases from
| retail outlets are applications and games meant to run on only the Windows
| platform.
| [...]
| Unless you purchase a copy of GNU/Linux from a retailer, they all believe
| that you are purchasing software to be run on Microsoft Windows (unless they
| are from the MacOSX shrine aisle). This is the biggest area in need of reform
| that I am aware of and something needs to change.


IDC pronounces Linux unimportant to European economy [in Microsoft-commissioned