Free Linux Newbie's Class at

Sponsored by Shawnee State University's Computer Engineering
Technology program

Are you a Linux newbie who wants to learn about Linux but you don't
know where to start? If so, then this free Linux newbie's class may be
what you have been looking for. The course uses a "Three Bears"
approach to teaching Linux because it does not take the "too easy"
route of using a Linux distribution that installs itself automatically
nor does it take the "too difficult" route of using a distribution
that requires the learner to manually compile and install everything
from scratch. The course uses a "just right" approach of using Gentoo
Linux which is a distribution that can be installed semi-manually.

Gentoo Linux is usually considered to be too difficult to install by a
Linux newbie. However, the free eBooks the class uses takes the time
to carefully explain each step of the installation process and this
approach has enabled us to teach high school age students how to
install and understand Gentoo Linux with very few problems.