The importance of open source in a legal process

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| At my first daily news job, the “slot” editor would take the work of
| reporters out of a pneumatic tube, assign it to another desk editor for
| checking, then re-check the desk editor’s work to prepare the day’s list of
| stories for the decision-makers. (Yes, it was indeed a series of tubes.)
| When the open source process is energized, reporters take the job of the slot
| editor, calling on readers for basic research, digesting the results and
| constantly re-starting the process. Lawyers also take on this role, as at the
| EFF.


Open Source Lawyers

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| Luckily, lawyers too are embracing the notion of community. Most
| recently I ran across the Open Bar Association where they feature
| discussions for lawyers by lawyers from all over the planet. Some
| of the topics discussed include linking analysis, GPL and license
| compatibility and other considerations.

Linux Foundation adds ace open-source attorneys to team

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| Updegrove is a partner and founder of Gesmer Updegrove in Boston, and is best
| known for blogging about open source and open standards on his Standards Blog
| on the Web site he created and manages. Updegrove has
| received particular notoriety for his criticism of Microsoft in its quest to
| make its XML-based document format, Open XML, an international standard. * *

Video of Gates Shown in Microsoft Trial

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| Plaintiffs' attorney Roxanne Conlin, who fought to have the videotape
| shown to jurors, plans to play all 10 hours of the tape.
| [...]
| "The lawyer taking the deposition in asking Mr. Gates questions was
| indeed himself aggressive and we think you'll see that that lawyer
| was intent on getting under Mr. Gates' skin," Tulchin said. "And there
| were times when Mr. Gates shows his annoyance."