An OpenSolaris by Any Other Name: The Q&A

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| Brilliant as the bard may have been, my suspicion is that the OpenSolaris
| community would beg to differ with this particular line of inquiry. At least,
| if one is to judge by the discussions currently raging.
| This debate, ultimately, can be distilled down to a simple question of
| grammar: is OpenSolaris an adjective, or a noun?


Can OpenSolaris become an alternative to enterprise Linux?

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| Simon Phipps was master of ceremonies for the day, and made all the right
| noises about what open source is, how Sun supports open source, and yada yada
| yada. Not that there‚Äôs anything wrong with that. ¬*

Sun Updates Open Source Roadmap

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| "There's a broad perception that Sun is anti-Linux or competes with Linux,
| and that's not true," said Murdock, now chief operating systems platform
| strategist. "So to have someone with a broad Linux background come into Sun
| made sense."