Itty-bitty, teeny-weeny Linux PCs

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| Today's minitowers are going to be replaced by hardback-book-sized PCs. By
| 2010, we're going to be looking at today's 6- and 7-pound laptops with the
| same amazement as we now look at the KayPro II, the Osborne and the other
| first-generation luggable computers. The day of the mini-Linux desktop is
| coming, and it's coming soon.


After the Desktop -- What?

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| I would suggest that the open source community should stop obsessing
| with the battle for the desktop, and start focusing on the battle for
| the platform that will replace it. As I have said before, the day
| will soon come when the notion of having to go to a particular
| machine on a particular room every time you need access to
| information or computer power will be as obsolete as the notion
| of having to go to the hand pump over the well in the front
| yard every time you need water.

Linux expected to be leading Smartphone OS market by 2010

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| I just came across this research by Diffusion Group, which found
| that Linux is set to become the leading Smartphone OS by 2010.

FEATURE: Mobile Linux: Why it will become the dominant mobile OS

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| I see the mobile Linux wave out in the ocean and am sounding the
| alarm--the mobile Linux tide is rising. Be prepared.

Linux Growth Accelerates with Server Shipments in 4th QTR 2006

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| Unit shipment growth was flat (0.0% growth) year over year in 4Q06, the
| tenth consecutive quarter of slowing overall shipment growth...
| After two consecutive quarters of single-digit revenue growth, Linux
| server revenue growth accelerated once again, growing 15.3% to $1.8
| billion when compared with 4Q05.