Second KOffice Sprint in Berlin Focuses on Release, Polish

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| KOffice has come a long way in six months: all the groundwork has been laid
| for the new version, KOffice 2.0. From Krita to KPresenter, KWord to KSpread,
| KChart to Karbon, KPlato to Kexi, and from KFormula to Kivio, the big
| underlying frameworks are ready. This meeting was called to decide on common
| look & feel issues and a release plan and schedule.

KDE Commit Digest

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| Jasem Mutlaq writes about his experiences integrating KStars as the control
| mechanism for a telescope at an observatory in Kuwait...


Nepomuk-KDE gets more attention - and better Dolphin integration

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| Recently Madnriva published an announcement informing about the Nepomuk-KDE
| project in which Mandriva is heavily involved. This lead to more press
| coverage of Nepomuk-KDE.

Exploring Dolphin, The KDE 4 File Manager

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| Both Dolphin and KDE 4 have a ways to go before they're ready for
| the general public, but as kind of preview the Dolphin team
| released the screenshot below showing some of the new features
| slated for the next release.