ServerPronto Survey Reveals Most Popular Operating Systems

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| In an internal study of its dedicated hosting customers, ServerPronto is
| shedding new light on operating system favorites. According to company data,
| ServerPronto customers rely on Fedora, Debian, Red Hat 9, Windows, FreeBSD,
| CentOS and Gentoo more than all other options on the market. Drilling down a
| little deeper, the top operating systems ServerPronto customers use break out
| like this:
| Fedora 21% Debian 17% Red Hat 15% Windows 13% FreeBSD 9% CentOS 7% Gentoo 7%


Linux versus Windows: OS impact on uptime and speed

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| Linux was ahead of Windows every week by more than 0.5%. For
| your understanding 0.5% downtime means 50 minutes per week, or
| 216 minutes or 3 hours 36 minutes per month.

Shining a LAMP on Web 2.0

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| Uptime monitoring firm Pingdom has done a small survey of some of the
| most popular Web 2.0 sites on the Internet to see what is running under
| the hood that keeps the web sites going.
| The results are a fairly conclusive vote of confidence in the LAMP
| stack: six out of the seven businesses queried are running Linux and
| MySQL, five are using Apache, and five are using PHP.