Review: The Linux Powered Neuros OSD

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| The future is very bright for this little piece of open source goodness. I
| look forward to seeing how it grows and improves.

Includes a video review as well. Very nice and extensible (it already has
YouTube support).


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| Here is my personal quick review of IAMM NTD37HD, hdd multimedia player with
| H.264 support. IAMM is based on the SEM623 (by Sigma Designs) chip with 64MB
| RAM (8 MB flash) and runs on ucLinux.


The Linux-based Neuros OSD

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| Neuros Technology did it again: one more of their interesting media products
| hits the market, and this time it uses Linux. We used the Neuros OSD this
| past week and here's what we think about it. *
| [...]
| Overall, Neuros seems to get it. Extensibility, plus a powerful product.
| Hopefully HD abilities and failing that, S-Video out, will be available on
| the next major revision of the product. Sure, it doesn't feel as cool as an
| AppleTV, but it does so much more! *
| Rating: 8/10

Product alert: Neuros Open Source Device

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| With an Open Source basis, the potential for the developer community to make
| grand extensions to the Neuros OSD could be huge. *

YouTube on the TV with the OSD

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| Neuros is certainly not the only ones bringing net video to the TV, but we
| are probably the only CE company doing it with open source. Nowhere is the
| intersection between free software and free speech more obvious. If the
| connection between the internet and the TV falls into the hands of a
| proprietary vendor's closed solution, then the hard won free speech victory
| of he internet will fall far short of its ultimate potential. * *

Apple TV hacked already

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| Enthusiasts from Something Awful forum were annoyed by the general
| lack of third party movie support for Apple's latest product, Apple
| TV - and went on to create something useful with it. Awkward and
| Sabretooth modified Apple's little box and got it working with
| Xvid files with no problems.

Linux is running on APPLE TV

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| I've got the linux kernel booting on my Apple TV. It was not easy,
| but after reading over the information on how they got it workin on
| the mac mini, I was finally able to figure out how to make it work
| on the ATV also.
| There are sevral changes that need to be made to the lilo bootloader
| just to get it to boot the kernel. It does not boot fully into linux
| yet, but it gets pretty far before giving a kernel panic. There are
| still a lot of drivers missing that will need to be compiled in to
| get it to boot up all the way, but this is a start.