Fedora 8 Werewolf [screenshots]

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| The release of Fedora 8 (codenamed Werewolf) is due out for release in less
| than two weeks and comes with a host of new features.


First Look: OpenSUSE 10.3 Desktop Linux

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| Ultimately, OpenSUSE's bid to be all things to all users betrays its origins
| as the developmental branch of SUSE Linux, and as a result, this distribution
| will be most attractive to Linux hobbyists. It's free, so nothing is stopping
| you from giving it a whirl. But business power users will benefit more from a
| polished, commercial desktop Linux distribution such as Xandros, while new
| users will likely find Ubuntu's limited menu more palatable than OpenSUSE's
| buffet.


Another new distribution release: SystemRescueCd 0.4.1



New Display Tool Coming In Fedora 9

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| There's less than two weeks now until the release of Fedora 8, which has been
| codenamed Werewolf. However, it's not too early to start thinking about
| Fedora 9. *


Fedora 8 Test 3 [Screenshots]

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| There's still a month until the final release of Fedora 8, but Fedora 8 Test
| 3 is now available, which has a wealth of a new features. Among these new
| features is an Online Desktop powered via BigBoard, KDE 3.5.7 can be found on
| the KDE Live images, improved Live installations, improved yum performance
| for package management, IcedTea is now installed by default, CodecBuddy has
| been included for handling codecs, and improved power management. * *


Fedora 8 Test 3 - Visual impressions

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| Some screenshots from Fedora 8 Test 3 with Infinity.


Announcing Fedora 8 Test 3 (7.92)!

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| Fedora 8 Test 3 is here! This is the last test release before the
| development freeze and a great time to test all those packages that you
| know and love.


Fedora 8 with NetworkManager 0.7 and KDE 4 development/runtime environment

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| The Fedora development branch got a set of new packages: NetworkManager was
| updated to a development snapshot of version 0.7, and KDE 4 base packages
| found their way into the repository. *


ReviewLinux.Com: Quick Look at the New Fedora Core 8

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| We decided to have a quick look at the new Fedora Core 8. With its GNOME
| Desktop we found this distribution easy to install. Check out our short Flash
| Video about Fedora Core 8! *


Fedora Electronics Lab

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| Read on for an interview with Chitlesh Goorah, the developer behind this
| feature - in which he discusses the help he had from the community, the
| target audience, his inspiration for creating this spin - along with some
| screenshots showing off some of the apps you can find on this spin... *