Linux: The Little Operating System That Really Can

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| I began what I like to think of as my “Linux Adventure”, in February of 2006
| on a short, much-frazzled shoestring. I couldn’t afford to buy a new, or
| even a late model second-hand computer to use with Linux and I wasn’t
| prepared to give up Windows. Used computers are comparatively easy to find
| but my choices were narrowed down to what I could afford. My first Linux
| computer was a 266 MHz P2 with 128 MB of RAM. Of several full featured
| distros, Debian 3.1 (Sarge) was the only one I was able to install on it and,
| at that, I had to learn how to do some very geeky post-install tweaking. I
| later acquired a 333 MHz Celeron with 256 MB of RAM and it too seemed best
| suited to Debian 3.1. As time progressed I was able to finagle and trade my
| way up to my current Linux machine which is an 800 MHz Duron with 512 MB of
| RAM running Debian 4.0 (Etch). Debian Etch, by the way, didn’t require any
| geeky post-install tweaking, although I did have to ascend a short learning
| curve to give it multimedia capabilities, and is at least as user friendly as
| was my first Windows 98 computer. In my opinion, anyone who contends that
| Linux isn’t ready for the ordinary desktop user hasn’t tried it and/or isn’t
| an ordinary desktop user.


Goodbye Windows, Hello Linux - A Year of My Life

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| As I am typing this, Debian Etch has just been released and I'm
| downloading it for a trial.

Beautifying Debian Etch

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| These issues prompted me to redesign the entire desktop and create a
| visual environment that is pleasant to work with. Take a look at
| the screen-shot below.

Debian 4.0 (Etch) [Review]

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| Pro's :
| For a Debian release - Etch comes with cutting edge software
| Etch feels very fast
| APT is still the fastest and most reliable package manager around
| Security & Stability is second to none
| Con's :
| There are more friendly distro's for the first time Linux user.
| Renaming Firefox as "Iceweasel" was just lame.
| Gnome 2.14 comes installed by default - rather than Gnome 2.16