Apple's Leopard rejects latest version of Java

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| Leopard may have 300 new features, but it is unable to run Java 1.6, even
| though that same version is available for both Windows and Linux. That has
| taken some Mac users by surprise, including some on this user forum on
| Apple's website.

Apple acknowledges some Leopard installation problems

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| Apple said the problem could be related to "application enhancement
| software," and a Computerworld article identified Unsanity's APE software as
| the source of many complaints.

OpenMoko: Apple goes Big Brother...

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| Some of you may have seen this post in the forums, but since they are not the
| most lively place right now I thought I might throw it up on the front page.
| I just thought it was interesting to see an apple employee taking so much
| interest in the site by spending 23 minutes here...researching
| the "competition"?


iPhone matures the "free your phone" movement

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| This is why project is born, but even better, why OpenMoko
| project exists. While some are trying to free the locked down device, others
| are creating a free unlocked device from the start, and a whole software
| framework to go with it. *

Forget iPhone, hail OpenMoko, the true revolution

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| ...I would rather wait for OpenMoko to become available for purchase
| than shell out high bucks for iPhone. Just like with any Apple
| product, it is like an awesome looking golden cage. I always
| preferred freedom to control my own digital devices than to be
| mostly dependent on one vendor for everything.

Open Phones with Open Moko

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| While the hardware may be similar, the strategy is a complete
| reversal of Apple's closed platform and proprietary hardware.
| OpenMoko is an open Linux-based mobile application development
| platform that's designed to help operators and developers build
| innovative applications on top of a basic phone platform.

iPhone Security Hellhole?

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| First, the iPhone root password was broken. OK, it happens. But now it seems
| that all applications run on the iPhone as root. Can you say biggest security
| blunder of the 21st century to date?

Wozniak hates Open Sauce

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| In an interview with eWeek, Woz said that there are always people who want
| things to be free and the open-source movement starts with those sort of
| people. *

Some Leopard upgraders see 'blue screen of death'

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| A significant number of Mac owners upgrading to Leopard on Friday reported
| that after installing the new operating system, their machines locked up,
| showing only an interminable -- and very Windows-like -- "blue screen of
| death."

New iMacs plagued by interface freezing issues

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| A growing number of users have reported that Apple's aluminum all-in-one
| computers suffer from a flaw that locks up the interface, rendering the
| system all but inert until a reboot.