Quick Look at KDE4 in openSUSE: Plasma, Kickoff, JuK, KmPlot, KGet

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| Plasma is actually progressing pretty well. You shouldn’t expect it to be
| bug-free, but I can really see everything coming together. Plasmoids are
| definitely going to take off, and I’m sure you’ll be able to eventually find
| one for just about anything you want.



KDE 4 Beta Videos

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| Jos Poortvliet has produced a set of videos showing some features fo the
| upcoming KDE 4. Until now the featured applications are some games, KTouch,
| Kalzium and Gwenview. *


Ready for a new K: an inside look at KDE 4.0

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| When I see how fast new contributors get productive,
| fixing bugs and asking questions on mailing lists - I know it’s working.
| It makes me feel stupid.