European Commission asks for new IP protection layer

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| The European Commission wants to create a new layer of intellectual property
| protections because it says existing structures such as WIPO are not flexible
| enough.
| [...]
| ACTA is designed to create a common approach between member nations in
| relation to the punishment of counterfeiting and piracy. It may also plan to
| change the law in some member countries. One of its aims is listed
| as "creating a strong modern legal framework which reflects the changing
| nature of intellectual property theft in the global economy".

Gutting of Amazon patent was helped by Amazon-owned company

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| Amazon’s 1-Click patent became famous in the late 1990s when the company
| asserted it against competitor book shop Barnes and Noble, which wanted to
| challenge Amazon’s dominance of online book sales.

NetApp losing 'spew dot oh' blog war to Sun

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| Then you have Sun playing the open source card against NetApp's proprietary
| code stance.
| As Hitz rightly argues, there's no reason to give Sun any credit for citing
| that ZFS has been open sourced if Sun is in fact stealing NetApps'
| intellectual property. But Hitz seems to ignore how virulent and vocal the
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| open source "community" can be.
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Microsoft pays $5m to settle Timeline BI patent dispute

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| Microsoft has agreed to pay Seattle, Washington-based patent holding firm
| Timeline $5m to settle an ongoing patent infringement suit related to
| technology that Microsoft gained last year from its acquisition of
| ProClarity.

Good news, overall. The system collapses onto itself.