The Wisdom of Crowds

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| Oh, and incidentally, both Google and Amazon didn't write all this software
| themselves. Nor did they buy it.
| Instead, they used the "free" software created by programmers, then given to
| the world. The Linux operating system. The Apache web server. The SQL
| database system. And so on.
| [...]
| Open source is moving into the mainstream, and a lot of librarians think that
| its deployment in the public sector makes a lot of sense. For a long time
| now, the public good has been held hostage to the business plan of people for
| whom "the public good" doesn't mean much.

Patent Reformers O'Reilly, Bezos Mum on 1-Click

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| Equally untalkative was Bezos, who deflected questions on the damage done by
| Calveley's DIY legal effort, telling a Wall Street analyst to 'refer to our
| public filings' (although nothing on the subject appears in the 8-K and 10-Q
| filings).


Linux Expo Offers Peek Inside Amazon, EBay Data Centers

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| Linux went little mentioned in the opening day's keynotes at this week's
| LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco, where for the first time the open
| source geekfest shares space with the debut Next Generation Data Center
| conference.

(Amazon's Open Source Strategy)
LIVE BLOG: MIT Emerging Tech (Morning)

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| In short, has launched several services
| that allow small companies to leverage the powerful
| tools of a big company such as For instance,
| Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), creates a virtual
| Web-based Linux server that a small company can rent
| at 10 cents per CPU hour... Bezos also described a
| fulfillment center service that the company offers,
| wherein a company can request both warehouse space
| and order fulfillment services for their own products.
| Amazon is literally offering distribution to their
| competitors!
| It is, in short, open source business strategy.

USPTO Increases Scope Of Amazon's 1-Click Patent

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| It apparently found its way into the hands of a sympathetic (and impatient)
| USPTO Examiner who had earlier defended his friends for approving 1-Click
| in the first place and referred 1-Click naysayers to a letter to the WSJ
| penned by the ex-Commissioner for Patents.

Open Source Communications and SIP Come to

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| If you have any doubt about the future of open source
| communications, consider it shattered: will soon be
| deploying 5,000 phones connected to the Pingtel ECS platform
| running on Linux.
| The question is why would Amazon switch out their existing PBX, and
| the answer is that the leading e-commerce site already runs about
| 20,000 Red Hat Linux servers?so they are what you might call "comfortable"
| with Linux to begin with. This install will add three more Linux
| servers to the mix.

rPath Provides On-Ramp to Amazon Grid Services

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| Significantly, rPath does not use Red Hat Linux for its
| virtualization onramp. "Red Hat Linux is monolithic. One size
| fits all," said Marshall. Instead, rPath lets customers (who are
| ISVs and therefore presumably know a thing or two about how
| their products use OS features) pick and choose the pieces
| that are embedded into their offerings.

ElasticDrive Beta 0.1.6 - Amazon S3 FileSystem

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| Enomaly Inc has announced the release of ElasticDrive. ElasticDrive is a
| network block device based upon the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).
| ElasticDrive provides a caching block device driver which pushes blocks to
| and from S3 as if they were being written to a local block device.
| [...]
| ElasticDrive provides this service through a virtual NBD service. The NBD
| service translates from standard NBD to S3 packets transparently, so that the
| client (the kernel) sees a generic block device. NBD is supported on almost
| every linux kernel (including EC2). Simply modprobe nbd, and you are ready to
| use ElasticDrive.