Microsoft's 10Q Risk Factors Lists Conceivable Liability for Data Leaks

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| Improper disclosure of personal data could result in liability and harm our
| reputation. We store and process significant amounts of personally
| identifiable information. It is possible that our security controls over
| personal data, our training of employees and vendors on data security, and
| other practices we follow may not prevent the improper disclosure of
| personally identifiable information. Such disclosure could harm our
| reputation and subject us to liability under laws that protect personal data,
| resulting in increased costs or loss of revenue. Our software products also
| enable our customers to store and process personal data. Perceptions that our
| products do not adequately protect the privacy of personal information could
| inhibit sales of our products.


Will Microsoft Put The Colonel in the Kernel?

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| "The kernel meets The Colonel in a just-published Microsoft patent
| application for an Advertising Services Architecture, which delivers targeted
| advertising as 'part of the OS.' ┬*

Microsoft patents the mother of all adware systems

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| The adware framework would leave almost no data untouched in its quest to
| sell you stuff. It would inspect "user document files, user e-mail files,
| user music files, downloaded podcasts, computer settings, computer status
| messages (e.g., a low memory status or low printer ink)," and more. How could
| we have been so blind as to not see the marketing value in computer status
| messages?

Experts are calling for product liability for software

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| "Product liability does not apply to software," Gerald Spindler
| of the Faculty of Law of the University of G├Âttingen complained.
| "But what if a whole company comes to a standstill due to faulty
| software?" he mused.

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| Ah, from the horse's mouth: Microsoft just might be held legally
| responsible for selling software that is insecure.

Microsoft confirms OneCare zaps Outlook, Outlook Express e-mail

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| Microsoft Corp. has acknowledged that a bug in its Windows Live
| OneCare security suite has been causing users' e-mail to vanish
| from Outlook and Outlook Express.

Botnet 'pandemic' threatens to strangle the net

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| Cerf estimated that between 100 million and 150 million of the
| 600 million PCs on the internet are under the control of hackers,
| the BBC reports.

Your data or your life

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| As unlikely and alarmist as this sounds, it could really happen. Intracare
| is the publisher of a popular practice management system called Dr. Notes.
| When some doctors balked at a drastic increase in their annual software
| lease, they were cut off from accessing their own patients? information.
| This situation is completely unconscionable. There can be no truly
| open doctor-patient relationship when an unrelated third party is the
| de facto owner of and gatekeeper to all related data.

Windows XP repair disk kills automatic updates

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| The company is getting a kicking from critics for this - the same people who
| slammed the company two weeks ago when Microsoft forced a Windows patch on
| users who had turned off automatic updates. ┬*

Microsoft Excel fails math test

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| Microsoft Corp.'s Excel 2007 spreadsheet program is going to have to relearn
| part of its multiplication table.

Microsoft: Excel Bug Doesn't Add Up

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| If you've been depending on your Microsoft Excel software to do your number
| crunching for you, you might want to grab a calculator and review your
| spreadsheets before you send the document out the door. That's because the
| latest version of Excel is housing bugs that are dead set on ruining your
| reports. ┬* ┬*

Use Health Vault, Lose Your Rights

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| Microsoft has announced (NY Times Article) Health Vault. What should have
| followed here is a review of the service by my actually trying it.
| [...]
| Heard enough? So had I. I'm absolutely going to pass on Health Vault. In
| addition to looking like the Microsoft Passport debacle redux, this is a very
| one-sided contract. They can harm you but you cannot harm them. There is no
| way for any 3rd party to verify that their privacy and security software
| works.