PDF files used to attack computers: security firm

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| When such PDF files are viewed on vulnerable machines, they start downloading
| software from servers in Malaysia or Sweden, which are now being cleaned, he
| said. "There will be more such attacks."



Microsoft finally admits fault for PDF attacks

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| There we were thinking that Adobe was at fault because its Acrobat reader had
| a vulnerability that exposed users to bad PDF files filled with malwares sent
| in spam when all along it was yet another vulnerability in Microsoft Windows.
| Microsoft has belatedly admitted that it's to blame and is working on a fix
| but for many it may be too late as spam with dodgy PDF files is hitting
| mailboxes by tens of thousands. * *



New PDF Zero-Day Vulnerability

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| The British security researcher who has disclosed two critical flaws in
| popular media files in the past week said Thursday that a zero-day
| vulnerability in Adobe Inc.'s pervasive PDF files could be exploited to
| snatch control of Windows XP systems. *