Roy Schestowitz wrote:


> IBM Announces New TPC-C Benchmark Results for System p Servers
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | In addition, IBM has now announced 11 new leading performance results on
> | its System p 570 server running with the Linux operating system. (3)
> `----

I wouldn't get too worked up about TPC-C results; the configurations used to
achieve such results resemble real-world configurations about as much as
Windows resembles a real-world operating system. You may also notice that
almost all of the leading results are achieved using "Microsoft COM+" as
the transaction monitor.

Having said that, I can say from personal experience that the p-series
servers are in fact quite robust (we tend to run AIX for the DB servers and
RHEL on the (Websphere) appservers and (SunOne) webservers); we run a lot
of misson-critical apps on this platform. But I think the numbers in the
article say more about the hardware than they do about Linux.

- GG

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