Oracle's Linux: Unbreakable? Or Just A Necessary Adjustment?

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| When Oracle's Linux technical support team has a fix, it gives that fix to
| the customer without waiting for Red Hat's uptake or the kernel process
| itself, Ellison said.
| [...]
| When Red Hat learns of bugs, it retrofits the fixes into its current and
| older versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. That's one of Red Hat's main
| engineering investments in Linux, Berman said in an interview.

Nothing like Vista bugs though. "Vista" means "alpha" in Spanish.

[BUG] Windows Vista Explorer Statusbar Doesnt Show File Size Information in
Drives Root

Funny Vista Error


Microsoft reportedly delays release of RTM version of Vista

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| ...additional bugs were found in the RTM build
| 5824 version, and together the bugs could paralyze an
| upgraded Vista-capable Windows XP OS, said the sources.

Bugs we all know and "love" from XP..

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| Am I the only one who screams "Hooray, there it is again!" when he realizes
| old bugs from Windows XP are back in Windows Vista?

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Weird Winamp Glitch In Vista (Video)

Microsoft shoots self in foot:

Windows Vista running with no RAM!

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| But as you can see from the screenshot above, Vista can function with zero
| RAM. I know, it does sound illogical, but then again… And no, it is not an
| example of my Photoshop skills at work, it is a genuine screenshot from
| Vista. *

"Mommy, it's broken." 2 weeks with Vista

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| After 5 years of development, Vista still isn't ready for prime time.
| It's like taking a car without an engine and putting a new coat of
| paint on it. Sure it looks pretty, but it still doesn't work. I would
| wait at least 6 months if not a year to invest in Vista. In fact I
| personally will be putting XP on my laptop because Vista crashes too
| much for me to use everyday.
| This review doesn't take into account the DRM and anti-piracy
| issues that have been brought up by Vista. Without taking those
| into account I still wouldn't buy Vista.

Vista isn't ready for non-office use

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| While the computing world is suitably excited there is enough evidence at
| the moment to suggest that moving to Vista might be a bad idea if you're
| doing anything clever.
| *
| Drivers - the fun of...
| Gaming...
| Sound...
| General performance...

Wrong spelling in Vista, LOL!

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| I just did a Reliability and Performance Monitor collection and Data
| evaluation. I looked at Resource overview and noticed a spelling msitake, it
| said Resouce Monitor. *
| Check yourselves.

Programs Cannot Be Uninstalled In Vista?

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| Possibly after one of the latest updates in Windows Vista, two strange things
| happened: first, the Uninstall option is no longer available in the Control
| Panel when you right-click on older programs (most likely, those installed
| prior to the update in question, because uninstall works fine for recently
| installed programs — the Uninstall button is also missing on the toolbar at
| the top); second, some programs are no longer shown on the applications list
| in Control Panel (e.g., Yahoo Messenger). * * *

MS update sends PCs 'haywire'

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| Users are advised to review knowledge base articles that refer to the
| particular version of .NET and Windows they are running for more information,
| which are listed under the "known issues" section of the bulletin. *
| The SANS posting, and feedback we're hearing, suggests the problems some
| users are experiencing are more than these knowledge base articles might
| suggest but at least these postings provide a starting point for users before
| they refer outstanding issues they might still be having to Microsoft or
| their support partners. * *

Windows cursor patch causing trouble

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| Installing Microsoft's Tuesday patch for a "critical" Windows
| vulnerability is causing trouble for some users.

Thanks To Microsoft No Work Will Be Getting Done This Week

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| Patch Tuesday is coming up and again work will grind to a halt as
| techs spend the next few days deploying what amounts to a huge
| payload of patches for the month of February 2007. This month
| we're looking at five critical updates related to Windows
| security, two relating to Office security and one relating to
| Windows OneCare Live, Microsoft Antigen, Windows Defender and Microsoft
| Forefront; plus a host of other lesser related patches, 21
| one in all.