Open-source advocate discusses the movement

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| More organizations can and should give Linux desktops a consideration for
| their low-demand applications like point-of-sale, customer support and data
| entry. We'll see that faster than most people are predicting.
| Open Source Java is going to be a big story over the next two or three years.
| And you'll continue to see a dramatic shift away from software vendors who
| perpetuate selling expensive licenses and consulting toward organizations
| like SugarCRM or Spike Source.


SA eyes Apple, Red Hat to dodge vendor lock-in

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| The South Australian government is looking at a software overhaul that could
| see Apple or Red Hat taking over from Microsoft on the state's PCs. Analysts
| warn, however, skills costs could still lead to a software environment
| dominated by a single platform.


Linux reloaded

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| The software seemed to run faster and smoother on my two-year-old
| PC than Windows XP - it definitely runs sweeter than Vista.
| Ubuntu may not be your first choice but it will give you an
| up-to-date operating system without forcing you to buy a new PC.
| That's neat.