Recently, there were news reports the RIAA is suing a usenet
provider. The question is how other usenet providers are going to
react. It appears Easynews might have reacted by logging what its
users are downloading. Compare Easynews' current privacy policy with
its previous privacy policy.

The top of its previous policy can be seen at

What's the difference?

It's previous policy had these 2 lines:

We do not keep HTTP access logs
We do not keep NNTP access logs

These are now missing in the current privacy policy. So it appears
Easynews is now keeping access logs on users.
Easynews support at say "We have
updated our Privacy Policy removing references that could possibly
create the impression that we don't store minimal logs that may be
able to be obtained by law enforcement with a valid judicial
subpoena." This appears to confirm the view they are now logging what
users download.

Of course, all of the other "premium" usenet providers (eg Giganews)
still say in their privacy policy they don't track what one
downloads. But for Easynews users, it looks like that is happening to
them right now.