New York Times opens up code

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| The New York Times likes open source -- so much so that, as it gradually
| moves more of its print operations online, it is nurturing a Web development
| team that has released two of its own open source projects.

Open-source advocates ponder Medsphere's future

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| Scott Shreeve said he is still a believer in open-source software in the
| healthcare industry and what he and his brother and Medsphere tried to do.
| "Everyone knows what happened here," Scott Shreeve said. "It's over. It's
| just better that everyone moves on. When we started six years ago, two guys
| and laptop, everyone laughed at us."
| Now, he said, "It's just ready to blow open."
| Doyle, too, is looking ahead.


The Coming Electronic Health Record Software Disaster

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| Free and Open Source Software has an answer for EHR businesses as well. They
| need not go out of business: They can switch to being non-proprietary vendors
| by simply changing their licensing terms and making their software available
| for download on Sourceforge or better yet simply using available
| non-proprietary EHR software. What is in it for them is vastly better
| infrastructure, more satisfied customers and much greater acceptance of EHR
| software that protects the rights of patients and doctors. This is unlikely
| to happen in the current climate. * * *

NHS computer boss failed IT exams

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| Mary Granger is amazed that her son was put in charge of a £20bn
| project to transform the NHS's computer system. She is less
| surprised that his 'Connecting for Health' project is over-budget,
| behind schedule and threatening to become the biggest IT disaster
| in history.

Linux in Healthcare

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| Linux in healthcare is a tale of things seen and unseen. Linux/Open
| Source have enjoyed tremendous popularity in embedded systems and
| networks for major technologies used in healthcare that healthcare
| providers may not even be aware of.