Open source vs. commercial software

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft fighting open source even as it embraces it.

Corporate open source advice

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| Faking it, or "level 0" participation, is doing PR blitz around open source
| but not actually using an open source license. "There isn't a lot of point to
| doing this unless you want to destroy trust," Fitzgerald says.

Microsoft has already destroyed trust with "unamerican", "communism",
and "cancer".


My resolve to treat Microsoft like any another license submitter is being
sorely tested.

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| They haven't stopped at pushing a "standard" that is divisive, technically
| bogus, and an obvious tool of monopoly lock-in; they have resorted to lying,
| ballot-stuffing, committee-packing, and outright bribery to ram it through
| the ISO standardization process in ways that violate ISO's own guidelines
| wholesale.
| [...]
| This is not behavior that we, as a community, can live with. Despite my
| previous determination, I find I'm almost ready to recommend that OSI tell
| Microsoft to ram its licenses up one of its own orifices, even if they are
| technically OSD compliant. Because what good is it to conform to the letter
| of OSD if you're raping its spirit?