Sun Dual-Licenses NetBeans

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| Sun Microsystems has announced that the latest version of its open-source
| application development platform, NetBeans Version 6.0 Beta 2, is now
| dual-licensed.

"Did I Mention It Was Free?"

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| McNealy pointed out the "quite interesting franchises" Sun has turned into
| open source technology, including its Solaris operating system, its Java
| technology, and the IP for its Sparc processors. "We're open sourcing
| anything and everything we can," he said. ("Did I mention it was free?")


Sun proposes GPL/CDDL dual license for NetBeans

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| Bruno Souza is the NetBeans Community Manager for Sun these days. And he had
| an interesting suggestion for a new license model for NetBeans 6.0: We are
| considering releasing a future early access version of NetBeans 6.0 under a
| dual licensing scheme of CDDL and GPL v2 with Classpath exception. Whoa! *

Sun set to open source Java products

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| We won't see any huge wave until after that occurs. I suspect that the
| most interesting sort of case for that will be to see what will happen
| on the Linux platform, which is one of the reasons why GPL is such a
| prudent choice here [for Java].
| With a platform with a compatible licence to that of Linux ...what
| effect it will have on the Linux community and their use of Java on
| the Linux distribution it is a proof point.

McNealy says Sun evaluating OpenSolaris on GPL

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| There have been nearly 8 million downloads of Solaris in the last
| two years, and there are 900 systems certified to run Solaris,
| which is more than any Linux distribution, McNealy said.

Sun likes what it sees in the new GPL

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| And regarding Java, Schwartz said in an interview: "We did version 2
| with Java because version 3 wasn't out. When we have version 3, Java
| will likely go to 3."
| Sun is considering the GPLv3 because it wants to appeal to developers
| who favor the GPL. Another factor is a patent protection expected to
| feature in the new version of the license, Schwartz added.

Sun to release OpenSolaris under GPL version 3

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| Sun is going to add the upcoming GNU General Public License version
| 3 (GPLv3) to OpenSolaris in addition to its current CDDL (Common
| Development and Distribution License).

Will GPLv3 energize Free Software, or marginalize the FSF?

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| As written, GPLv3 threatens to fork GNU projects and marginalize
| the Free Software Foundation, writes Linux observer Bill Weinberg
| in this well-written essay. Drawing on long experience
| evangelizing open source licensing to business users, Weinberg
| suggests that the FSF's GPLv3 high road could be a lonesome one.

Will Sun Use GPLv3?

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| First of all, Sun has been engaged directly in the GPL v3 process
| since it started. My colleagues and I attended the launch conference
| in Cambridge, MA at the start of 2006 - I even logged the
| conversation with my friend and collaborator Danese Cooper of Intel.