Linux being launched at schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Besides the operating system the package is to comprise some freely
| distributed programs, close to MS Office by their functionality, which are to
| be used on computers with the following characteristics: 233 MHz and 128MB
| DDR.

I guess these PCs can't run Vista. Those who hate Linux simply assume that
budgets are infinite and all schools can afford to buy new PCs.

Linux on on a roll when it comes to schools. Recent examples below.


Russian Linux (ALTLinux) to be installed in every school in Russia

,----[ Quote ]
| Russian OS is to be installed on every school computer in Russia by 2009.
| Furthermore, every pupil will get the opportunity to operate the applied
| software produced in Russia, Leonid Reiman, acting Minister of Communication
| stated at a press conference. According to Mr. Reiman, that might
| significantly reduce Russian dependence on foreign software.

Kubuntu Takes Over the Canary Islands

,----[ Quote ]
| The Canary Islands have two derivatives of Kubuntu, one which is being
| installed in all their schools and one used by the largest university.

All Macedonian students to use Linux desktops

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| NComputing announced this week that its multi-user virtual desktop software
| and low-cost virtual PC terminals will be used to equip every school child in
| the Republic of Macedonia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, with a Linux desktop. *

CICT to computerize 320 public high schools

,----[ Quote ]
| The PCs are loaded with several open-source tools including EdUbuntu (a
| version of Ubuntu designed for schools), OpenOffice, Apache, MySQL and
| Mozilla Firefox, among others.