Mark Kent wrote:
> High Plains Thumper espoused:
>> The amount includes a cash payment of US$10 million, US$10
>> million to fund continuing litigation with Novell and IBM,
>> US$10 million or as much as a 20% interest in the event of a
>> favorable judgment in litigation, and US$6 million for SCO's
>> OEM agreement with Me, a mobile applications vendor.
>> People don't simply throw away $36 million. There must be a
>> reason behind it. It will be interesting to see what
>> transpires. Yes, it does seem to be far fetched that one
>> would include purchase of litigation.

> Don't be so sure. Have you ever studied the 3G mobile licence
> bidding in Europe a few years ago? I think the industry as a
> whole threw away something like £30 billions with no clear
> idea on how they would get it back. They didn't get it back,
> of course.
> Never underestimate incompetence...

I am in a wait and see attitude, got the popcorn and soft drink
out. No, I haven't studied the 3G mobile licence. I have seen
Indian Motorcycle climb and fall.

To you and I, $36 million is allot, but not much in the corporate
world. That represents, say 130 lawyers with fringes and
overhead support annually or roughly the same in traveling

My point was there may be more to the picture than we see.