Roy Schestowitz espoused:
> EA advocating single open platform
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| Publisher's head of international publishing predicts standardised console
>| will deliver games over the Internet in "15 years."
> `----
> Surely, Microsoft will continue its attempt to hijack the Web.

They will, but EA are quite right, we are rapidly moving towards standard
games, indeed, standard packages of all types. Microsoft worked very
hard to slow up the development and progress of java and javascript,
once they realised that the key to the future of computing was the
web-browser and the internet. They've worked hard on decommoditising
every aspect, with C# instead of Java, Active-X for java/javascript,
Microsoft fonts, the silverlight player, even to the degree of managing
to populate the BBC with senior Microsoft people in order to get media
onto Microsoft-only formats.

But in the end, openness will win. In the meantime, however,
£billins will make its way to Redmond.

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