Debian GNU/Minix

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| Finally someone has seen the light and started a project that I called for in
| a previous article. This melding of the Minix kernel with the GNU userland is
| called Preventa, and seems to poke fun at the name Nexenta, a similar project
| using the Solaris kernel, all in good fun I’m sure, considering that the
| project leader’s blog is called “La Salle Debain” (a play on “Debian” and the
| French for “bathroom”).

Better to improve our sponsorship workflow?

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| I recently sponsored several uploads, and was asked to sponsor even more
| uploads, and that got me thinking about our sponsorship workflow. It’s a
| clear bottleneck in Debian, and discourages many new contributors, which
| obviously sucks.


The GNU Hurd

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| This post was written for two reasons: one is to raise awareness about the
| existence of the GNU Hurd kernel and maybe bring it to the attention of
| people who want to help with its development. *

Students develop new GNU installer

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| “The developed installer LX series of advanced Debian GNU Hurd is available
| in the CD format. It makes the installation task much simple and easy to
| boot,” said Raju. The students were assisted by two lecturers P Badarudeen
| and A.Ragesh of the IT department, besides the guidance by Philip Charles.