Open source development is parallel processing in action

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| About 20 years ago engineers around the world began demonstrating what is
| still the greatest computer innovation of my lifetime, parallel processing.
| [...]
| An open source development process, with light central control, lets you
| manage this challenge organically, in the way a grid computing stack does.
| Products like OpenQRM from Qlusters do it in an enterprise computing system.
| Management theorists should look closely at how.


JasperSoft: from Proprietary to Open Source

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| Looking back over our history, I think there was one major shift, which
| was two-and-half years ago when we made the shift from proprietary
| to the open source model. That was the one thing we hadn't planned
| on five years ago, but most people then didn't really think about
| open source as being a viable business model.
| Since we've made the shift things have been going really well.

Informal Survey: Do Rewrites Really Fail?

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| In a now famous article by Joel Spolsky, he argues that you should never
| rewrite projects from scratch. To be fair, I’ve done this, but generally on
| open-source projects where I’m donating my time. I’m less worried about
| financial constraints or competitive advantage.

Don’t invent, evolve

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| The inventor’s trial-and-error approach can be automated by software that
| mimics natural selection

Alan Cox on open-source development vs. proprietary development

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| When you release a free software project, you do things in a different order.
| Firstly, you get some code. Hopefully, it just about works. And you document
| it as "Needs fixing, needs this, needs that."
| But most free software code, to get other people involved in the project, it
| has to work. It doesn't matter if it's hard to compile. It doesn't matter if
| it only works on one machine in five. And it doesn't matter if it eats the
| data file every so often. So long as sometimes, the right results happen,
| people will start to pick up the project and use it. They start to use it,
| and then they have to fix it.