Call for digital patriotism

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| Digital patriotism is needed if SA is to not only protect, but foster local
| innovation, says Nhlanhla Mabaso, Open Source Centre manager at the CSIR.

Pioneering eLearning Earns Accolades

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| 'Open source' is a rapidly growing global movement that makes software
| innovations freely available at no or low cost, permitting users to use,
| [...]
| The Open Polytechnic received a Special Category Award for its role in
| leading a collaborative project to lower cost and technology barriers to
| eLearning in New Zealand.


Why Patriots should use Linux and other free software

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| The whole idea behind the truth movement of today, whether it be
| anti war, anti new world order, anti gun control, anti big
| government, is to spread information to as many people as
| possible, so that we may reach the critical mass necessary
| to create real change in this country. One of the greatest
| assets we have in spreading this information is through the
| internet, using our computers. Why should we trust this great
| task to a computer that isn't going to do what we want when it
| conflicts with what these giant corporations want it to do.

[Satire:] Buy Microsoft, it's your patriotic duty

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| That seemed to be the message at the London launch of Microsoft Vista,
| Office 2007 and Exchange 2007 on 30 November 2006. Gordon Frazer,
| Microsoft's UK managing director, devoted most his opening speech to
| a gallimaufry of statistics and quotations intended to show that
| buying these new offerings would somehow make Britain more competitive.