Palamida: Rival snitched open-source database

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| A day later, Palamida cried foul. "After two days of intense investigation,
| we have confirmed that most of our database has been copied directly--word
| for word and misspelling for misspelling, with very few original additions to
| our initial work," said Palamida spokeswoman Melisa LaBancz-Bleasdale,
| pointing the "blatant plagiarism" finger at Black Duck.

[sarcasm] Those "freetard" proprietary giants. [/sarcasm]

Black Duck analyses open source code, but it's not open source. It's like
Krugle and many other companies that get associated with open source for the
wrong reasons.


Hey Microsoft, isn't that the iPod scroll wheel?

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| Microsoft is showing off more than a dozen new phones designed to work
| with its business telephony software, but the thing that caught my
| eye was the iPod-like scroll wheel on one of the models.

WTF? Microsoft steals Apple Universal Logo

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| Now, granted it's just a yin yang symbol, but M$ is using the exact same
| colors but flipped the image horizontally.

Microsoft gives up trying and starts blatantly copying?

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| John Gruber just made quite an interesting post/find on his site
| about how Microsoft has straight copied Apple?s Workgroup
| Manager Icon.

Microsoft Rips Off Apple's Workgroup Manager Icon

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| Update 2: DF reader Jay Woodruff snapped this screenshot around 5 p.m.
| EST, showing an even crummier-looking replacement icon that looks
| straight out of Windows 95...