Asia to fuel Red Hat revenues

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| Red Hat expects 60 percent of its revenue to come from outside the United
| States by 2009, its company CEO said today.

Red Hat exec: Open Source is mature, disruptive and innovative

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| Craig Nielsen was one of eight speakers at the WA open source symposium
| earlier this month. He talks about where the industry stands and where it is
| rapidly heading.


Red Hat sees FY07 greater China sales up 100 pct

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| Red Hat Inc., a distributor of open-source Linux software, expects its
| sales in the greater China region to double in fiscal 2007 and grow by
| 85 percent in fiscal 2008, an executive said on Tuesday. "Our plan is to
| have 100 percent growth this year, and 85 percent growth next year,"
| Michael Chen, general manager of Red Hat China, told Reuters in an
| interview.

IBM Sets Up Linux Computer Support Center With Skybility Technology

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| Skybility Technology is a Shenzhen based professional IT company that
| specializes in Linux software development, technology services, system
| integration and value-added service distribution. It is also a leading Linux
| solutions and Linux services provider in China.

China Produces $130 Computers for Less Developed Regions

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| Sichuan based computer maker Sinomanic launched production of a
| series of low-end computers for the less developed regions in
| China. Priced as low as 998RMB ($130), these computers will
| include a Linux operating system, MIPS processor, multimedia
| and network supports. Internet browsing and documentp
| rocessing software will also be packaged into these systems.

China market: Microsoft has over 89% of desktop OS market value in 4Q06

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| In terms of shipment volume, Microsoft also accounted for the
| largest proportion with a 65.26% share for its Windows operating
| system, followed by Linux-based Red Flag Software at 12.59% and
| China Standard Software (CS2C) at 6.64%, Analysys indicated.

Chinese PC maker offers $129 system

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| The GX-2 is based on a 400MHz MIPS processor from Raza Microelectronics.
| It runs either a version of the Linux operating system orF
| utureAlpha, a Chinese-developed operating system.
| [...]
| The price of the GX-2 is roughly the same as the laptop developed by the
| [Linux-based] One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, which the group recently
| said costs about $130. That system is expected to enter volume production
| during the third quarter of this year.