Games shared from PC to PS3 over the Web?

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| "We will release a Linux version in Q4 2007 which will enable PC games to be
| played on the PlayStation 3 and many other devices including DVD players, set
| top boxes, networked media devices and mobile phones," he said.

The State of the Linux Gaming Industry

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| When I read reports on the Linux gaming industry, I can't help but wonder
| where the Linux gamers are at? Can we find them on the Nintendo Wii or
| perhaps the Playstation 3 (PS3)? After all, I have heard that PS3 actually
| works rather well with Yellow Dog Linux.

UT3 Linux: It Will Ship When It's Ready

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| While Unreal Tournament 3 will ship on November 19 for Windows gamers, and we
| previously confirmed that the Linux binary will not ship on the DVD,

At least it's coming! It's an excellent game.

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Free Games for Linux

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| A round-up of fun Linux diversions.
| When people talk about computer gaming these days, they
| invariably mean commercial games running on a Windows platform. Few
| people realize that Linux can be more than just a very good Web or
| file server. Even fewer people are aware of the many open-source or
| otherwise freely available games available for Linux.