Blender developer talks the future of open-source 3D

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| There were about 1.8 million downloads during 2006-2007. That only includes
| downloads directly from and official Blender mirrors, so there
| are quite a few more downloads than that.

Openbravo executives open up on the ERP solution

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| Openbravo, an Open Source web-based ERP product, was project of the month on
| SourceForge in September. The project uses a Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL
| 1.1). It has 68 developers and over 200 contributors and has been downloaded
| over 350,000 times; with that number increasing by about 1,000 downloads per
| day.

OGIS Becomes MuleSource Partner to Deliver Most Popular Open Source Integration
Software Throughout Japan and Asia

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| The open source Mule ESB product has been downloaded more than 1 million
| times and is used in more than 1,000 production deployments worldwide. The
| ESB is proving to be the critical SOA technology choice as it defines what
| data interfaces are accessible.

Mindtouch rising in the open-source wiki market

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| Mindtouch has hit 100,000 installations and grows by ~50% each month. Why?
| Reading through the blogosphere, it's because of its ease of use and rich
| functionality. I may give it a spin over the next few days....

Pentaho Expands European Operations

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| Roughly one-third of Pentaho's 100,000 monthly downloads come from European
| countries.

Profitability first, then open source, works for Projity

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| Now that OpenProj has opened up, interest is high. "We're averaging a
| download every 23 seconds around the clock," O'Brien says.